About us & FAQ'S

What is SYL-Bracelets?

I, the owner of the webshop have set this up for a schoolproject in which we had to design a fully working webshop where people can order their desired products.

The category could be everything and so, I have chosen to take this design together with my own brand "SYL-Bracelets".

The webshop is fully working and may be set active in the near future as i got many request about various products which couldn't be ordered.


Is the store opening soon? It may be so. At the moment i don't have much time to run the store so I don't wanna set it up active and make any faults. 

Is the store for sale? Yes, if people search the store on the Shopify Marketplace, the store can be found and people can send an offer through there.

The item is out of stock, when does it come back? I don't know when the item is coming back in stock. I work together with external suppliers and i don't run the stock. You can choose to mail us instead and ask fro a notification for when teh desired item comes back in stock.

How long does shipping take? It depends, the delivery time on average takes around 3-4 weeks but could take longer depending on the delivery adress and various economical factors like for instance, the Corona-Crisis at this moment.